Stephanie Shaw


Daily Ritual:
Coffee, music, sweat and then coffee again. 

Favourite move: 
Stephanie loves a lunge!!  

Currently playing:  
Stephanie loves all music, however she is an 80's girl at heart. She creates playlists with music that has a good beat and makes her feel good. Music gets her going more than coffee, so her goal is to make you feel like you just had a cup!



Stephanie discovered her love of healthy living and fitness at an early age. In particular, body awareness and alignment became a passion. Prior to receiving her AFLCA certification in group fitness, Stephanie was actively pacing and coaching marathon groups for the Running Room as well as teaching Barre classes. Stephanie earned her AFLCA designations in spin, choreography and fusion. Her passions then led her back to Pilates where she has taken the STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer courses. She plans to continue to expand her knowledge with more Pilates certifications in the near future. Her enthusiasm and energy for fitness is what keeps her motivating others to reach their fitness goals.

Away from the studio, there’s a good chance you will find her running along one of Calgary's many pathways, mountain biking or skiing in the mountains, or attending a fitness class. She loves to cook on her downtime and has been known to indulge in a glass of wine or two. Additionally, she is blessed with two children who are active in competitive soccer, which means she unwittingly has a part-time job as their private chauffeur.

Stephanie believes that life is not a dress rehearsal, it's the live show, so she strives to make it the best show she possibly can!