Lana May


Move with me in Yoga Sculpt

Favourite podcast: 
Ben Greenfield Fitness

Favourite move: 
LOVE planking! 💪

Currently playing:  
cautious Clay, HVOB, Allan Rayman 

Inspired by: 
my Dad amazes me with his superhuman powers. 



Lana’s exploration into yoga began over 10 years ago when she was looking to supplement her personal training background. She ventured out of her hometown of Calgary to enrol in her first teacher training in San Diego. She has since been passionately instructing and sharing her overflowing admiration for yoga since.

Playfulness, exploring, and adventure are a few qualities that Lana adores both on and off her mat. She loves a good challenge, a good sweat, and is obsessed with music. She is beyond grateful to guide others on their yoga journey on a daily basis.

If you don’t catch her in a class, you’ll probably find her hitting the stairs, at the gym, with her dear family or friends, or somewhere in the tropics.