Judi Rich


Get calm, clear and connected in Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops

Daily Ritual 
Infuse spirituality into as much of the day as possible...not just trying to make time for spirituality, but learning to live spiritually. It all begins at 3:30am, with meditation at Amrit Vela, the hour of nectar.

Favourite book: 
I was a quirky kid, and as a preschooler loved looking through art books featuring works of the Old Masters ...and still do. They seemed to capture the experience of timeless grace.

Favourite move: 
I do rather enjoying jumping, the closest we get to flight.

Inspired by: 
Seeing souls believe deeply in themselves and honour their highest potential. 



Judi’s introduction to movement started with preschool ballet class. From that point on, dance consumed her life for the years that followed. In her late teens, she discovered her love for choreography-based group fitness classes, as it seemed like the perfect blend of grace and athleticism. Decades later, she is still driven by the constant pursuit of aligning body, mind and spirit.

Judi’s class is a hybrid of playful dance-inspired movements and mat-based exercises to promote enhancement of alignment, strength and functional balance. No dance experience is required.