Slow and steady workouts can yield better results


Low-intensity interval training (LIIT) is so much more than a workout trend; it’s a completely different approach to exercise that incorporates wellness and mental well-being into your workout. It trades in the intense cardio and screaming instructor from HIIT in favour of slow and mindful movements.

What is low-intensity training?

LIIT focuses on slow, controlled movements, and the addition of weights and bands increase the resistance to build strength and muscle. When you slow the movement down, you keep the muscle working for longer  – which gives you the same burn as you’d get smashing out quick reps in a HIIT class. But the great benefit of LIIT is that it reduces the risk of injury because you have the time to really focus on your form.

What are the advantages of low intensity training?

One huge benefit of LIIT is that it’s just as effective as HIIT for weight loss, but with a reduced risk of injury since it involves less impact through the joints. As you are really working on burning out the muscle, it also builds strength and lean muscle mass. It is a kinder form of training that’s great for people who are already injured too as you can work around injuries while still conditioning our body.

LIIT’s emphasis on FORM and ALIGNMENT means an increase in self-awareness to strengthen the mind-body connection. The mental benefits are just as important as the physical benefits. The slow mindful movements in LITT means you really have time to think about the burn but you learn to push through and that builds mental endurance. 

There is a trend of fitness enthusiasts now opting for this more holistic approach to working out - incorporating daily exercise routines that help them recover quicker and manage stress from hectic schedules. LITT’s more mindful approach can also help with reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) which can often spike when doing HITT workouts.

Classes like our Sculpt & Define, Tush N Abs (TNA) and The Ritual Class are perfect examples of a LITT workouts that can greatly benefit and compliment your current fitness routine and well as serve to enhance your performance in your other activities, such as running or cycling.

Complimentary Meditation Workshops

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“We don’t meditate to get good at meditation,⁣ we meditate to get good at life.” - unknown

During the average day, most people's time is consumed by thinking 'I need to do this. Can't forget that. How did I come across? What did that person think of me? Why are they acting like that?' Our endless thoughts can run havoc and often cause a state of stress and anxiety - the mind can be a very useful and brilliant tool, but when we slip into unhelpful thought patterns, with the same story going around and around on repeat, it's exhausting. We all want a more calm and spacious way of living, but we are often unsure of how to step off the crazy treadmill of day-to-day routines and responsibilities. 

You are invited to join us for TWO upcoming meditation workshops at the studio. Journey inward to ease your mind and connect to your heart space. Limited spaces available, so be sure to sign in and reserve your spot below.


Saturday, January 19, 1:30-2:30pm⁣ w/ Judi Rich

⁣This hour-long meditation journey will blend spoken commentaries, music, and moments of silence into an inner experience - or ‘insperience’ - designed to touch the wealth of peace and well-being that resides within each of us. No experience required.⁣


Sunday, February 3, 1:00-2:15pm w/ Judi Rich

Join us for a light-hearted exploration of true happiness and help you rediscover your natural connection with joy. This 75-minute seated meditation session will blend lecture with reflection. Open to all.



111 is a powerful sign

It represents new beginnings

The awakening of the human consciousness

It reminds you to tune into your inner voice

To trust your intuition

To follow your heart

And trust the path laid out in front of you

We are so excited to share our 4th boutique fitness studio in Brittania with⁣ the community. The Ritual will offer a variety of classes including yoga, strength-based classes to tone + sculpt, and our signature⁣ class - a soulful workout that blends Yoga, Pilates and high-intensity cardio.⁣

Participants will be taken on a journey of self-inquiry as⁣ they consciously move to the rhythm of a curated playlist and are⁣ invited to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves.⁣

⁣Thank you all for your patience as we train our team of instructors and add the finishing touches to the space.⁣

- Elmira & Paul Barry, Owners of Hot Yoga on 17th, Hot Yoga on Crowfoot & Spin and One Cycle