Jodie Dicks


Move with me in: Sculpt & Define

Favourite podcast: 
Earn Your Happy - Lori Harder 

Favourite move: 
The plank. I like that there are so many variations,  it works so many areas of the body and you can feel yourself getting stronger each time you do it! 

Currently playing:  
Drake, Miguel, Kanye West

Inspired by: 
Movement and music 



Originally from a small town in Nova Scotia, Jodie moved to Calgary in 2009 after finishing university to pursue her career in public health. 

Jodie has a background in ballet and had danced competitively for almost 20 years. With her combined passion for movement and music, she began teaching spin and barre at various studios throughout the city before finding The Ritual & One Cycle. 

When she is not teaching or protecting the public’s health (one dirty restaurant at a time) -  you can find her walking her dogs or checking out other studios around the city with friends! 

Whatever the mood, Jodie promises to deliver some big heavy beats but most importantly, to encourage you to channel your strongest self while embracing the sweat and energy in the studio!

“Music really reflects my mood. Some days I’m listening to rap and hip hop and some days I just need a little Norah Jones”.