Jennifer Li


Move with me in Sculpt & Define

Daily Ritual:
A oat milk cappuccino every morning to get my day started. Reading books and singing songs with my 2 year old daughter.

Favourite podcast: 
Girlboss and Goop 

Favourite move: 
Burpees in Signature and ankle weight series in Total Body

Currently playing:  
Janet Jackson, 90’s throwback remixes, Sofi Tukker

Inspired by: 
My mom and my daughter inspire me to work hard and give each day my all



Jen is a cardio junkie at heart. Her passion for fitness and movement goes back to her early 20’s where she found her groove in choreographed group fitness classes and long distance running. After several half and full marathons over the years, she found herself looking for lower-impact workouts to compliment her fitness routine and discovered her love for barre and spin classes. “A lot of my training runs were often done solo, so I really enjoyed the group dynamic of these classes and having the opportunity to connect with the community and motivate each other to work harder and really push yourself”.

After maternity leave, she decided to combine her background in marketing and graphic design with her passion for fitness into a full-time career. “I love trying ALL kinds of workouts and drawing inspiration from a variety of different genres and combining them into my classes in a fun and unique way”.

“Focus on what you can do, the best you can, to the best of your ability.”