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Our classes are designed to strengthen and tone your entire body and deliver fast results with a blend of low-impact and high-intensity workouts. We utilize a variety of tools including hand and ankle weights, bands and steps to tone and sculpt your body. You’ll increase your strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. A focus on full-body movements and clever sequencing means you’ll keep your body challenged without falling into a repetitive cycle.

We also know there’s nothing quite like an efficient, dynamic workout to refresh and recharge. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect range of bespoke classes to design your ideal workout regime and sculpt long, lean muscles.

Rather than isolating one muscle group at a time, every class is a full body workout. This multi-tasking approach means you get the most out of your class, and target hard to reach areas through compound and multi-planed exercises. We focus on alignment and body awareness to improve your technique. With consistent practice of 3-4 times a week, you can expect to see results quickly.


The Ritual Class

A soulful mat-based workout that blends movements inspired by Yoga and Pilates and bursts of high-intensity cardio to sculpt and build a strong and resilient body, mind and spirit using your own body weight as resistance. Participants are taken on a journey of self-inquiry as they consciously move to the rhythm of a curated playlist and are invited to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves. This class will leave you breathless, energized and grounded. If this is your first class, we recommend you bring CLEAN indoor running shoes.


Sculpt & Define

This challenging low-impact workout that will tone and define your upper body, lower body and core. Using a variety of tools including gliders, ankle weights and hand weights to activate and engage a full spectrum of major and minor accessory muscles. Be prepared to leave feeling a little shaky and firm. Please bring CLEAN indoor running shoes.


Yoga Sculpt

A fusion of yoga movements, core work and resistance training to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle while moving to an energizing playlist. Flow through a series of strength sequences with the addition of hand weights to intensify the burn.


Ritual Yoga

Vinyasa Flow is a energizing class that blends a dynamic flowing vinyasa sequence and upbeat music to help you sweat away the stress from the week and uplift your mind, body and soul. Flow through a series of strong and powerful postures to increase physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body while maintaining a clear focus on alignment and awareness of breath.

Yin Restorative is a relaxing practice that incorporates long holds ensure safe opening of connective tissue while stimulating, releasing and calming the body and mind. Postures are kept simple and emphasis is on targeting all of the meridians (energy lines) of the body.


HIGH Fitness

Aerobics is Back! Bigger, Better HIGHer! HIGH has taken old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, Plyometrics and more! HIGH fitness sets you up for success with Simple, intense, and consistent choreography (the same songs always have the same moves). You can go HIGH or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH! CLEAN indoor running shoes are required.


Power Play

A mix of short bursts of high-intensity cardio with strength moves for an inventive, non-stop conditioning session. Build lean muscle, rev up your metabolism, enhance your ab definition and tone your entire body. Suitable for all fitness levels. CLEAN indoor running shoes are required.


Sculpt your HIPS, lengthen your THIGHS and lift and shape your TUSH as well as strengthening your CORE. Focused exercises performed with bands and a step platform will fire up your glutes, build strength and definition. Waist-whittling exercises are also integrated to further accentuate your new rearview.

TNA (Tush n Abs)

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