Transform your body. Achieve results.

We also know there’s nothing quite like an efficient, dynamic workout to refresh and recharge. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect range of bespoke classes to design your ideal workout regime and sculpt long, lean muscles.

We’ve designed a class offering to cover all bases, no matter what your goals are. We know that the ideal class looks different on everyone – even on you from one day to the next. We also know that variety is key to keep your mind engaged and your body progressing.

We’ll make sure there’s a variation for everyone in class, from the first timer to the most advanced student. Our talented instructors are as diverse as our clients, so it’s important to us that they bring their own style to each class.


The Ritual Class

A soulful and empowering mat-based workout that blends yoga-inspired movements and bursts of high-intensity cardio to sculpt and build a strong and resilient body, mind and spirit using your own body weight as resistance. Participants are taken on a journey of self-inquiry as they consciously move to the rhythm of a curated playlist and are invited to cultivate a deeper connection to themselves. This class will leave you breathless, energized and grounded.

If this is your first class, we recommend you bring CLEAN indoor running shoes.


Sculpt & Define

Get it RIGHT get it TIGHT! Tone & tighten in all the right places with our signature full-body sculpt class. You’ll werk werk werk your way to a stronger, leaner, toned body with our ever changing choreography. Level up with gliders, ankle weights, hand weights & resistance bands for an added challenge. Results? You better believe it! Cue a killer playlist, creative sequencing & get ready to break a sweat & build your #RITUALbody

We recommend bringing grip socks for this class and clean indoor running shoes for our Sculpt & Define + Cardio class.


Yoga Sculpt

A fusion of yoga movements, core work and resistance training to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle while moving to an energizing playlist. Flow through a series of strength sequences with the addition of hand weights to intensify the burn.


HIGH Fitness

Aerobics is Back! Bigger, Better HIGHer! HIGH has taken old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, Plyometrics and more! HIGH fitness sets you up for success with Simple, intense, and consistent choreography (the same songs always have the same moves). You can go HIGH or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH!

CLEAN indoor running shoes are required.


Power Play

GET. READY. TO. SWEAT. A mix of short bursts of high-intensity cardio with strength moves for an inventive, non-stop conditioning session. Build lean muscle, rev up your metabolism, enhance your ab definition and tone your entire body. Suitable for all fitness levels.

CLEAN indoor running shoes are required.


Tight butts drive us nuts! Build full-body strength through dynamic, functional movements that will tone your tush, strengthen you to your core and sculpt your best body. Creative exercise sequencing performed with bands, a step platform and ankle weights are guaranteed to get your derrieres as peachy as possible. Looking to kick your booty into high gear? Try out Cardio x TNA class for added bursts of high-intensity interval training that will lift your heart rate and rear-end. 

We recommend going barefoot or bringing grip socks.

TNA (Tush n Abs)


Bünda, the secret to a brag worthy booty! This class is designed to target your backside by incorporating movements that are key to lifting, toning & sculpting your best ASSet. Butt fear not, we know the importance of achieving a balanced body! This class utilizes the bender ball to build a better bünda, & incorporates other equipment to target the arms, legs & core. You’ll moving in different directions which increases joint mobility, flexibility & stability. Trust us, you’ll feel the bünda burn & once you do, you may never look back…unless it’s for a selfie.

Note: CLEAN indoor running shoes are required.

Bünda Burn

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