Andrea Robinson


Move with me in the Signature Class

Daily Ritual:
I meditate every morning and evening.  I try to do something active daily while maintaining a strong social life while managing my business. 

Favourite podcast: 
Aubry Marcus & Joe Rogan 

Favourite move: 
Anything dance related and if you get to move your hips its bonus. 

Currently playing:  
I love hip hop old and new but 90's hip hop is always on my playlist....
oh and Beyonce, of course!

Inspired by: 
Anybody who is challenging themselves to be more positive and helps others do the same... oh and Beyonce of course!



Andrea grew up in Calgary, AB and some of my first memories were dancing and choreographing routines with her friends and planning shows for my parents and their friends. 

Her love of dance and the arts lead her to a career in musical theatre, dance shows and becoming a magician’s assistant. During this time she started working in restaurants and immediately fell in love with the performance of creating and executing a magical dining experience. 

She worked her way up in some of the top fine-dining restaurants, honing in on her love to create memorable moments and using her Sommelier degree to enhance an evening with the perfect wine pairing.  She eventually opened her own restaurant with her business partner and is loves that we can grow and share with guests on a daily basis.  

Throughout her life, be it in business, social, family and friends, music has fueled her. “Music is life and I love that it can bring you out of a dark place or remind you of a fond memory or instantly put you in a great mood.”

“Live, Laugh, sip, taste, dance and love.”