Amelia Hradsky


Move with me in the Signature Class

Favourite Podcast/Book:
SuperSoul Convos (they’re all home runs for me), Be About It, The Goop and Almost 30. 

Favourite move: 
Heart openers, jacks and yoga burpees. I love any move that I can physically feel myself getting unstuck and working out my sh*t. 

Currently playing:  
Ouff...this is ever changing for me but The Miseducation is Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley have made a resurgence in my house. Vibing on Sinatra, Twin Shadow, Daughter and Leon Bridges too. And of course, Drake, Jay-Z + Tee Crizzley. 

Inspired by: 
The powerful women and men in my life who use their actions to speak. And Oprah and Beyoncé. #realtalk



Full bio to come.